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Squeeze That 25th Hour Out of Your Day (and then spend it how you like!)

Take five minutes to read this, 5 more to think about it about it and claim back masses of your time!

I believe it is human nature to require reminders, motivation and accountability to maintain maximum efficiency. Sure, we might have days where we are more efficient – you know that feeling where you cruise through a work day, ticking items off your list, kissing goodbye to the irritating little “mental post-its” that plague our minds and prevent clarity. But how can you aim to maintain this momentum more of the time? Here is a little list that can help us do that.

1. Worst First. This is pretty self-explanatory. Why? Because then you’re less likely to excuse yourself from doing that last task, and because once you’ve done it everything else will feel EASY!

2. DWYSYWD – “Do What You Say You Will Do”
Commit to a plan of action and don’t half do it or make excuses for yourself. You know what they are: “Samantha in accounts didn’t give you a document you needed, you forgot your umbrella and arrived at work look like you came off the set of THAT scene in The Notebook, and it was the last day to use your scoopon for all-you-can-eat-Chinese” etc, etc, etc! Hint:it’s easier to stick to your plan if you’re being held accountable.


3. Plan for tomorrow today. And when you do, allow some time for things you can’t predict in that schedule, or the schedule might become useless! Confusing and frustrating but true for us all.

4. Always us the Four Ds:
• Dump – Do you actually need to do this?
• Delegate – is it a good use of your time? Could someone else do it better or as well?
• Do it now – for tasks you could knock over in a short space of time. Consider the value of not having to remember to do it!
• Decide when – if none of the above applies then schedule when you are going to do it – and then apply #2 – DWYSYWD!

5. To DONT List
We all have some time-sucking zombie-vampires in our life. For many of us this little ghoulie is comes dressed in blue and white and asks us “what’s on our mind” (A.K.A. Facebook) ; for others it might be snacking, looking in the mirror, checking our email every five minutes… know your enemy!

6. H20 – the way to go!
Seriously – dehydration = mental confusion, headaches and a sluggish metabolism, all of which detract from your productivity.

7. Eat better food
Because it will really make a difference to your energy levels! A good start would be eating every three hours, minimising sugar and having some protein in every meal.

8. Exercise is a key to focus
Another tactic to improve your energy levels and stamina. Find out what works for you and commit to moving your body in some way most days of the week.


In a nutshell:
Increase your FOCUS
Increase your BALANCE
Implement CHANGE
Implement effective LEVERAGE strategies

I would love to hear about how you implement any of the above, or what other strategies you use to defeat your time-sucking gremlins. Efficiency is the holy grail of a balanced and successful life – there is quite a journey to find it but it will work wonders for you when you have it in your hands!