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Marketing Mistake #1, Part Two

Marketing Mistake #1; Failure To Let Your Prospects And Customers Know The Unique Benefits They Get From Doing Business With You And Not Your Competitors

We spoke previously about the failure to let your Prospects and Customers know the unique benefits they get from doing business with you and not your competitors and how you need to develop your Unique Competitive Advantage, or UCA.

This concept goes under many different names. You may have heard it referred to as a “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition), “USA” (Unique Selling Advantage), “PDF” (Personal Differentiating Factor), “SOB” (Statement of Benefit), “UPA” (Unique Purchase Appeal, PDF (Personal Differentiating Factor), or any number of others descriptive names.

Whatever, the name or what you call it is really not that important. What’s important, is that you choose to define your unique factor, as it’s one of the most critical, yet most often overlooked marketing tools in business today.

Without a clearly defined factor that differentiates you that sets you apart from everyone else who offers the same (or similar) products or services as you, your business will be no different than any other business your clients or prospects will encounter. So there will be no reason for others to do business with you rather than your competitors.

A well thought-out, carefully identified UCA can differentiate you and your business and make you stand out from your competition as unique, different, and special. The business enterprise that’s most desirable to do business with.

Coming up with your own UCA doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s simply a matter of identifying what you have to offer your clients, customers or prospects beyond what the product or service is.

Let’s say you’re involved with a product or service that is so similar to others in the marketplace, that there is no significant difference between them. In that case, your UCA must be something you or your firm or business can offer, exclusive of the features or benefits of the product or service you sell. Show your prospects and clients very clearly how much lower, how much better, how much superior, how much of an advantage they’ll get by doing business with you.  Be Specific!

Spell out exactly, clearly and specifically what advantages and benefits your customers will gain. Whatever you choose to make your UCA, remember, it must be perceived as desirable to your prospects and customers. In other words, they have to consider it to be of value to them.

If you can, make your UCA that’s something exclusive to you and you’re business operation. The more exclusive or proprietary you can make it, the less competition you’ll have.

Keep in mind, if the advantage you offer has to do with quality, service, dependability, convenience, professionalism, etc., just to state those facts is not enough. Let’s face it, your competitor will be saying the same thing.

You must find ways to quantify, or identify specifically, how those items benefit, or provide advantage. When you use phrases or words like, “Top Quality,” “The Best, Most Reliable Service,” “Dependable Delivery,” or “We offer top-of-the-line products, the best service, and the lowest prices,” they ring hollow in the ears of your prospects and clients. They are too vague and meaningless.

If you’re the only one who offers that something extra, whatever it may be, your clients or prospects won’t be able to get it from anyone else at any price.

And, if that something extra is exclusive to you, no one can compete with you, and that gives you a great advantage in your marketplace.

That something then, whatever it is, becomes your Unique Competitive Advantage… your UCA. It’s the thing, the reason, the advantage, that will make it not only worthwhile, but beneficial and advantageous… even desirable for others to do business with you.

Call me to discuss a time to catch up if you are still having difficulties identifying your Unique Competitive Advantage.


Lisa Ormenyessy
Straight Talking Business Coach
M: 0414 494 759 (Most times)
A: 15 Daphne Street, Prospect  SA  5082


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Marketing Mistake #1, Part One

Marketing Mistake #1; Failure To Let Your Prospects And Customers Know The Unique Benefits They Get From Doing Business With You And Not Your Competitors

“Why should I do business with you?”

This is a question that goes through your prospect’s minds before they choose to do business with you and through each of your customer’s minds before they return to buy from you again.

And, it’s a question you must take the time to formulate an answer to. Without an answer, you become like every other business who sells the same products or services as you.

It doesn’t matter what product or service is being offered, your customers can go nearly anywhere and find the exact same (or very similar) products or services offered for the same price, or perhaps for even less money than what you charge.

So, think about yourself, for a minute. Why do you do shop at the same stores or eat at the same restaurants over and over again?

  1. Most likely, it’s because they offer something you can’t get elsewhere.
  2. Maybe they’re closer to where you live or work.
  3. Maybe you like the way a particular restaurant prepares a certain meal. Maybe it’s the environment or the people who work there.
  4. Maybe you just feel comfortable… almost like you’re at home while you’re in their place of business.

It may not be one single thing that influences you, but rather a combination of several factors.

Nevertheless, the businesses you continue to frequent gives you something special. Something unique. Something you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s that uniqueness that keeps you coming back over and over again.

If you expect people to do business with you rather than your competition, it’s imperative that you have something to offer that your competition doesn’t have.

Preferably something your competition can’t offer. Something that sets you and the products or services you offer apart from everyone else in your type of business.

That’s what’s known as your Unique Competitive Advantage, or UCA.

Keep thinking about this concept and we’ll write to you next about how you can develop your Unique Competitive Advantage, or alternatively, call me to discuss a time to catch up.


Lisa Ormenyessy
Straight Talking Business Coach
M: 0414 494 759 (Most times)
A: 15 Daphne Street, Prospect  SA  5082