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Marketing Mistake #15 | Taking Advice From The Wrong Sources

It seems like everyone is an “expert” nowadays. Advice is so freely found and offered, even if you have no intention of seeking it or asking for it.

Family, friends, co-workers, associates, neighbors… nearly every person you come in contact with has something to say, or some advice to offer. And, for the most part, it’s well-intentioned.

You can even get on the internet and type in a key word and download tons of information on nearly any subject you desire.

Some of it comes from credible sources, and other information comes from self-proclaimed “gurus” or “experts.”

It will pay you big dividends to carefully consider the source of any and all information or help you receive or seek out on your own.

Check out credentials and credibility. Ask for references and testimonials from others they have helped in the same line of work you’re in!

Too often, testimonials are used that relate to work done in a field or project that bears absolutely no resemblance to what you’re involved in.

While “Principles” are constant, the “Specifics” can and will change. Here’s what I mean:

A Principle is timeless. It never changes. For example, in advertising, a Principle would be that you will get more readership from an ad using a headline.

A Specific, on the other hand, is the application of a Principle to a unique situation.

In our advertising example, how the headline is used may vary from one type of business to another.

An auto body repair shop, for instance, may run a headline that relates to their type of business.

And a printing company, while still using a headline, will want to tailor their headline to the needs of their printing customers and prospects.

The point is, make sure that the advice you get, whether it’s volunteered or sought out, comes from a credible and reliable source, and make sure the source has some specific knowledge of your business.

Or, at least they can relate the Specifics of your business to the tried, tested and timeless Principles that apply to all businesses.

Business Marketing Consultant

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Marketing Mistake #14 | Changing Your Marketing Even Though It’s Working

One of the most common mistakes business owners make with their marketing, is to try something, find out it works, then stop doing it and try something else.

A better approach would be to find something that works, tweak a certain part of it, try it again, tweak it again, and keep doing it.

As long as something continues to work, don’t give it up. Just keep trying to improve it so it will work better.

There are several reasons why people change their marketing even though it’s working for them:

  • They don’t test their ads or promotions, and they don’t monitor the results. So, they don’t know what’s working, how well what they’re doing is working, or even if it is working.
  • They get tired of doing the same old thing every time, and change their ads just for the sake of change.
  • They see or hear about something someone else is doing and want to see if it will work for them. Usually, very little thought goes into the decision.

When you take a close look at these reasons, you’ll notice that none of them make any sense. Yet business after business, day after day, makes one of these fatal marketing mistakes.

But, if a business owner were to implement two of the most important concepts… that of Testing and Monitoring, these mistakes could be avoided, and the result would unquestionably be more and increased profits.

One of the worst things you can do is discontinue running an ad, a mailing campaign or a promotion if it is getting results.

There are usually only three reasons you should consider changing or discontinuing a promotion:

  1. If you’re testing a new ad, sales letter or promotion, and you want to see if you can improve its results, then certainly, you would want to change part of it and run another test. But, you would only change one item at a time. If an ad is an absolute bomb, then you may want to consider discontinuing it altogether.


  1. If you’ve used a certain ad or campaign to market to your prospect list or customer base, you may not want to run the same promotion to those people again. Another promotion with a different emphasis may well be in order.


  1. If the ad or promotion no longer pulls a satisfactory response, then for sure, you’d want to make some changes. This why the Testing process is never complete.


The only reason you would ever want to change any ad, campaign or promotion is to see if you can make it perform better. Any other reason shouldn’t even be considered.