Straight Up Business Talk

Business strategy and advice from the team at Straight Talk Group… you’re in the right place to get things Straight.


With experience from shoestring start-ups to participation on several boards, Lisa drives results across all stages of your business journey.

Lisa identifies with hard work and pressure and this compels her to provide clients with practical business and marketing strategies and techniques that deliver results; while her style is hands on, interactive and fun, do not expect a talk-fest. This girl means business.

So, why should you do business with Lisa?”

This is a question that goes through your prospect’s minds before they choose to do business with you and through each of your customer’s minds before they return to buy from you again. And, it’s a question you must take the time to formulate an answer to. Without an answer, you become like every other business who sells the same products or services as you.

Straight Talk Group are a team of business specialists – South Australian business veterans – who give “straight up” advice.

Coach Lisa O

Lisa Ormenyessy
Straight Talking Business Coach
M: 0414 494 759 (Most times)
A: 15 Daphne Street, Prospect  SA  5082


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